Garland Miller, Founder and President of the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund, presents a check to a recovering soldier.

The Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund (CSRF) makes it possible for you to
help our country’s severely wounded soldiers in a personal and meaningful
way. CSRF is unique in that 100% of your donation goes directly to recovering
soldiers. With your donation, small or large, you can bring sunlight into
a hospital room and into the life of a war-wounded soldier. By helping with
an expense that they otherwise simply would not be able to afford, your
contribution provides immediate relief and hope.

Garland Miller, a business-owner in Chevy Chase, Maryland, founded CSRF
in 2004. Wanting to help wounded soldiers, she discovered that a charitable
donation to other organizations supports their overhead, rather than 100%
of the recipient’s needs. Ms. Miller donates her time and the resources of her
bookkeeping firm, Schoolfield & Associates, Inc., so that every dollar of every
donation to goes to recovering soldiers. Other professionals from the
community also donate their time and expertise to make CSRF possible.

Mission: Provide financial aid to American soldiers, sailors, and marines
recovering from severe wounds in service of our nation.

Finances: Collect donations from individuals and corporations interested in
supporting recovering soldiers at Washington DC area military hospitals. Volunteers
not charging for their services disperse all donations directly to wounded veterans.

A Not-For-Profit Organization – The Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund has
501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. All contributions are tax deductible.

CFC# 93656

Board of Directors

Garland Miller
President of Schoolfield & Associates
Founder and President

Lars Florio
Vice President

Ray Sherbill
Esq. Partner at Lerch Early & Brewer, Chtd.
Legal Counsel

Kristen Buck
President of Comella Design Group
Graphic Design/Visual Communications

Chuck Vollmer
President of Jobenomics
Defense Consultant

Larry Johnson Berg Associates

Dale Stempler
Stempler Consulting Group

Doug Arkin
President of Arkin & Company
Tax Returns & Financial Statements

Mary Jane Neary

Larry Comella
Fundraising Volunteer

Jack Horner
Fundraising Volunteer

Trish Vollmer

Lori Shore